Mini Eraser Ideas and Uses

If you are a primary or preschool teacher and you haven't heard of the mini eraser craze, then let me introduce it to you!  These small, thematic and fun shaped erasers have a variety of uses to any classroom and help keep things diverse and fun for students.

Patterning One of the uses of erasers is for learning patterns.  Students can use the different shapes to make any kind of pattern you are teaching.

Counters One of the most popular uses of erasers is as counters.  Students can use the different shapes to make count as high as you have erasers.

They can use counting cards like pictured above to add the correct number of erasers to the tens frames. (These cards can be found here:  Counting Cards)

They can count the correct number of erasers and add them in a group or line to represent the numbers. (This picture is a freebie and can be found here: Number Train)

They can be used as counters to add and subtract. (The mats and cards can be found here: Addition Mats)

Bingo Markers An…

Dice Games

Dice are an easy to find math manipulative that have so many uses!  Besides a basic board game set up, here are some other ways to use those dice in your classroom or home school!

1.  Dice War:  Each player has two dice.  They each roll their dice.  The player with the highest sum wins a point.  Player with the highest number of points wins.  You can also give each student a handful of dice.  Each player rolls one dice and the player with the highest number gets to keep both dice.  The player that ends up with all the dice first wins.

2.  Dice Addition:  A student rolls two dice and adds the numbers together!

3.  Dice Subtraction: A student rolls two dice and subtracts the smallest number from the largest number.

4.  Dice Multiplication:  A student rolls two dice and multiplies the two numbers together.

5.  Roll and Write:  Students have a recording sheet where they will roll a die and they will write the corresponding word or answer in the column.

6.  Roll and Cover:  Students have a…

Themed Color Hunts

While browsing through some of my preschool pages, I came across an idea that a parent came up with for her preschooler.  It was so fun and different and many other parents were very interested in making this activity for their own kids, and so was I.  I got on my computer and converted some of my clip art to create these color finding mats.  I then posted the item for free in the group where the idea originated, as well as in my TPT store (link at the bottom of the post).  Each themed packet includes the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple/violet, pink, black, white, grey/gray, and brown.

I also created several themed versions of this idea.

Heart Themed Color Find This heart themed color find would be perfect for Valentine's Day!  Each page features a heart that is to be cut out for the color find.

Spring Flowers Themed Color Find This flower themed color find would be perfect for a spring themed activity!  Each page features a flower that is to be cut out f…

Letter M Activities

Looking for activities to go along with teaching the letter M?  Look below to see the activities we have done!

We often begin out letter of the week activities with a letter hunt and a letter sorting activity.  I hid the letter M cards around the house and send my kid off to find them.  As he finds the letters, he brings them to the table and sorts them for capital and lowercase letters.

My son has gotten where he loves this sorting activity.  He can look through precut letters or cut his own letters to sort on this capital and lowercase letter sorting mat.

We made letter Ms using marshmallows and toothpicks.  My son (3) had a little difficulty placing the toothpicks into the marshmallows and getting them to stay, but my 6 year old had no trouble at all.

We continued our marshmallow theme by lining our letter M mat with mini marshmallows.  It was a fun activity and a tasty snack after he was done!
M is for money!  We raided the piggy bank to line our lowercase letter m with coins. 


How to Use Page Protectors in the Classroom and Home

I use page protectors everyday as I home school my kids.  Page protectors help with messes, storage and helps make many pages reusable for less paper consumption.

One of the most common uses for page protectors is using them to make games and worksheets reusable.  In the picture above, we were playing a place value game.  We placed the recording sheet inside a page protector, so we could play as many times as we wanted without having to print a new page each time!

Another use for page protectors that has saved us a lot of time cleaning is using them for playdough mats.  My oldest uses sight word mats to practice her sight words and my four year old uses the alphabet mats to practice letter formation.  The playdough does not stick at all to the page protectors, and it makes for such an easy clean up!

I also use page protectors to help me plan out my year and then use the pages to store the different activities we will be …

Letter L Activities

Looking for activities to go along with teaching the letter L?  Look below to see the activities we have done!

These two activities are found in my Letter L Packet.  The first activities has letter cards that I print on card stock, cut apart and hide around the room.  My son will go find them and then sort them by capital and lowercase letters.  The second page is a printable where he must find all of the letter Ls.  He likes to use stickers to cover the letters but you can color the letters, use paint dobbers or cover with other types of manipulatives.

L is for Leaf! -- We used capital letter L outlines to create this simple craft.  I cut out leaf shapes from construction paper and  the kids glued them onto their L any way they chose.

Playdough is one of our favorite activities!  We used these letter outline mats as out playdough mats.

Then, when we are done with the playdough, we look through magazines for our letter then sort them on the same letter outline mats.

Other Letter L Themed …

Letter K Activities

Looking for activities to go along with teaching the letter K?  Look below to see the activities we have done!

This is one of our favorite alphabet activities!  We use these letter mats to build our letters with pouch tops!

Playdough is another favorite around here!  He gets to choose the color he wants then he uses these letter mats to create his letters!

Other Letter K Themed Ideas:

Chants and Songs: 

Letter K Chant
Big K, Little K
What begins with K?
Kite, Key and Kangaroo
All begin with K!

Letter K Song
K says /k/
K says /k/
Every letter makes a sound.
K says /k/

Old King Cole

Kickball - Practice kicking balls around or attempt to play an actual kickball game.

Foods and Snacks for the Letter Kk:

Letter Kk Products:

This alphabet packet contains 50 pages of activities, centers, and games that are perfect for learning about the letter K! -- Letter K Activities and Centers

You can get the full alphabet centers and activities here: