Letter J Activities

Check out this post for activities all about the letter J!

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Chants and Songs: 
Letter J Chant Big J, Little j What begins with J? Juice, jam and jaguar All begin with J!
Letter J Song I says /j/ I says /j/

How I Teach Sight Words to My Struggling Reader

I have a struggling reader.  We have been doing a mixture of phonics and sight words, trying to find how she learns best.  It has been trial and error over the past year, but I think I have finally found a method to help my daughter with learning to read with a whole word approach with sight words.  We still learn phonics, right now working through word families to try and grasp CVC words, but right now, she is excelling in learning sight words, so I want to encourage any growth and excitement about reading that I can.

I have begun to introduce 4 sight words a week.  I write all four words on the board on Monday then each day we focus on one word.  We start by me saying all four words.  I then have her repeat the words in order.  We do this two or three times each day.  Then we focus on one word and read sentences with that word in them.  I then have her find and circle every time she sees the focus sight word in the sentences.

Here is a link to a video of how we practice sight words…

Glitter Hack: Keeping the Mess at Bay

Glitter seems to be a vital part of many preschool and young elementary classrooms, and if you are like me, you HATE cleaning up glitter.  I used to dread projects that used glitter as it would get EVERYWHERE.   I would find glitter for weeks...

Well, after a few years of glitter wars, I figured out this trick to keep the mess to a complete minimum and the kids still get to have fun with create art with glitter.

STEP 1:  Find a shallow container (this photo shows a paper cup, but anything you can easily mix in would work) and fill it with white school glue.  Pour in the glitter and mix it all together.  (In this photo, I put about a teaspoon of glue with a teaspoon of glitter).

STEP 2:  Using a q-tip, spread the glitter/glue mixture over the desired area.

 STEP 3:  Let dry!  It is that easy!

As you can see, the glitter stays shiny.  Students can walk around with their art you do not have to fear the tiny sparkles falling off everywhere around the room!

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Letter I Activities

Check out this post for activities all about the letter I!

Other Letter I Themed Ideas:
Ice Cream

Chants and Songs: 

Letter I Chant
Big I, Little i
What begins with I?
Igloo, Ink and Ice Cream
All begin with I!

Letter I Song
I says /i/
I says /i/
Every letter makes a sound.
I says /i/

I Spy

Foods and Snacks for the Letter Ii:
Ice Cream

Letter Ii Products:

This alphabet packet contains 50 pages of activities, centers, and games that are perfect for learning about the letter I! -- Letter I Activities and Centers
You can get the full alphabet centers and activities here:  
Alphabet Activities and Centers Bundle for A-Z

This packet contains an alphabet flip book just for the letter I.  Practice letter recognition, letter writing and beginning sounds with this flip book:  Letter I Flip Book
You can get the full set of Alphabet Flip Books here:
Alphabet Flip Books Bundle A-Z

This packet contains a letter train for the letter I.  This train includes two engines and two cabooses, one …

Tips for Using Toilet Paper Rolls

So everyone has them.  They lurk in your bathrooms... the empty toilet paper rolls.  Most of the time these little gems end up in the garbage, but did you know they make great used in the classroom or home school with crafts and other activities?  In this post I will outline the ways we have used these paper tubes in our home school.

Make centerpieces stand up with toilet paper rolls, like we did with this Thanksgiving turkey.  We used THIS TEMPLATE to decorate and make our turkey centerpiece.

We used toilet paper rolls to make this Christmas tree topper.  We used THIS TEMPLATE to create these cute angel to top our Christmas tree!

We took our toilet paper tolls and turned them into hearts to make heart stamping paintings for Valentine's Day.

We used toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls to make trees for our rain forest habitat box we made when learning about the rain forest.  This project was on of my daughter's favorite activities!

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Outside Activities with Chalk

Summer is almost here.  Schools are letting out and kids will be outside more.  Chalk is one of those outside activities that can be fun and can be made to be educational.  Help students reinforce skills they learned in school with these fun outdoor chalk activities.

Write numbers on the ground and have your child find that number of objects to place inside each square.  In this photo, my children chose to collect rocks.  They are hard to see against the concrete!

Here, the kids looked for objects around the yard that started with each letter.  R is for rocks. G is for grass.  L is for leaf and when I went to snap this picture they were searching for flowers for the letter F.

Instead of a worksheet, why not let them do it one the ground?  I made a simple ABC match for my daughter to match capital and lowercase letters.

Here, I wrote my sons name on the concrete and had him attempt to trace over the letters.  He is still young, so not able to do this yet.

 But he absolutely loved pai…

Letter H Activities

Check out this post for activities all about the letter H!

H is for hearts!  Do a variety of activities and art lessons all about hearts.  The above art activity is very simple!  I printed off the letter H outlines from these packets:  Capital Letter Packet and Lowercase Letter Packet.  I gave each child the choice of the H they wanted to decorate then gave them a variety of hearts to decorate with.  (For other activities and crafts with hearts, CLICK HERE)

 I used these letter mats as playdough mats for us to practice building the letter H!  Place the mat inside a page protector and the playdough will not stick!

When we are done with the playdough mats (above) we then use the same page to sort capital and lowercase letters.

Other Letter H Themed Ideas:
Healthy Living

Chants and Songs: 

Letter H Chant
Big H, Little h
What begins with H?
Hand, House and Horseshoe
All begin with H!

Letter H Song
H says /h/
H says /h/
Every letter makes a sound.